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Beautiful Day

As the sun sets on a beautiful day on the farm. Horses put to bed and resting til tomorrow.


Icelandics have the best manes.

Happy Holidays

Tis the merry! ~Annette, Freyja, Baldur, Hekla, Lettír, Festi, Drottning, Ætt, Phoenix, Þokka, Seiðdís, Pixie and the chickens.

Mama Drottning

Drottning is not eating for two anymore. Baby Seiðdís is not interested anymore. Time to diet.

Come out and play.

When you clean stalls and your horse wants you to play instead.

Dreki frá Hafnarfirði

Dreki is coming along nicely! He's four years old and getting stronger every day. He will be fantastic with a little more strength.

Drop in guests

I love it when people drop in to see the Icelandic horse. Karen & Sandy are Icelandic and dropped in.

Fall on the Farm

As we head into Winter the horses are growing coat and the leaves are falling off the trees. I'm looking forward to riding on the track.

Tumalo Trails

From Tumalo we have access to thousands of acres of trails starting at Tumalo Reservoir and going all the way to the Sisters Wilderness.

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